How It works

What do I need to play?

We are currently only open for groups of ten or more. Once you have an idea for the date you would like, just give us a call. We can setup your appointment for anytime of day. If you don't quite have ten people, no worries. Just pay for the ten, and you are good to go!

What is included and what should I wear?

The rental package includes a semi auto gun, mask, compressed air fills, and 300 paintballs. Everything you need to battle it out. Fortunately, our paint doesn't stain, but a good rule of thumb is to wear clothes you would be comfortable doing yard work in.

How many people can I bring?

We currently have over 45 full rental setups, but can accommodate more players if they have their own guns. Also, if you have somewhere cool to play, ask about bringing the game to you! 

Is there an age limit?

We typically recomend 10 years and older. That being said, if they are younger, and the parents are confident they can follow the rules, exceptions can be made.

Is it safe and does it hurt?

Yes, as long as the rules are followed. Safety is our biggest priority, that is why we always begin the session with a thorough safety talk. We usually equate getting hit with a paintball like being snapped with a towel.

Do we work on guns?

Yes, we do. We have over 20 years in paintball and airsmithing experience. We can work on anything. We also buy and sell used markers as well.